"Be Anartist" by Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona going bigger and bigger. Independent, rebellious and daring, always breaking boundaries. Based on the artistic avant-gardes, Etnia Barcelona has created a Manifesto and an Anartist Decalogue to deepen in its brand identity and to claim that the brand is more than color, culture and quality. 

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Those are the biggest mistakes you are making with your sunglasses - Lenshop

If you think about it logically, the sole purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun. But many people forget that when they are ready to buy a pair.

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New Burberry sunglasses inspired by the buckle

The design of The Buckle Eyewear Collection by Burberry is characterised by its polished buckle detail on the temple, directly inspired by Burberry’s Trench Coat belt buckle.

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AM Eyewear - Truly handmade sunglasses

AM Eyewear designs are born in the old artisanal way, with a sketch-pad and pencil where every aspect is meticulously brought to life. They create truly handmade products from start to finish.

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