AM Eyewear - Truly handmade sunglasses

AM Eyewear designs are born in the old artisanal way, with a sketch-pad and pencil where every aspect is meticulously brought to life. They create truly handmade products from start to finish.

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Maui Jim - PolarizedPlus2® Lens Technology


Tha Maui Jim lenses have the highest available light reduction for rich color and contrast. You literally see the world differently when you wear them. The sky is more blue, the green is so beautiful through the lens. All of their lenses are also polarized, giving you the highest protection for your eyes.

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Arnette sunglasses - History of the brand

Arnette is the Californian easy-going eyewear brand that aim to talk to young people (and “young at heart”), with an active (yet relaxed) approach to life.

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Vuarnet sunglasses - Has a unique story

It began in 1957 in Roger Pouilloux’s workshops on Paris’ rue Boissy d’Anglas. This avant-garde optician and ski enthusiast would revolutionize the world of sunglasses by inventing an exceptional lens capable of both protecting him on the slopes and the streets by offering superior depth perception in overcast weather.

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