BIOOPTIC 38 AQUA UV (1 lens)

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BIOOPTIC 38 AQUA UV (1 lens)



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  • Monthly disposables
  • Disposable Lens
  • Hydrogel
  • 14.00mm
  • 8.60mm
  • Polymacon
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Product description

Monthly replacement contact lens, ideal for users with dry eyes and computer frequent use. With 38% water content it helps the eye to remain wet and overlaps the oxygenation demands, while providing a maximum level of UVA and UVB protection. Biooptic Aqua 38 lenses provide a number of advantages, which are:

  • Enhancing contrast
  • Clear vision
  • Improved night vision-night driving
  • Correcting astigmatism to 0,50d
  • Improved visual acuity, particularly in large binoculars
  • Excellent visual application for top visual effect
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