Oxysept One Step 300ml

Oxysept One Step 300ml



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  • Peroxide
  • For Silicone Hydrogel, For Hydrogel

Product description

OXYSEPT® 1 STEP Solution liquid is the standard one-step peroxide for soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel ones. OXYSEPT® 1 STEP Solution uses new technology off-release tablets, which allow disinfection and neutralization to be done in one step. The slow release neutralizing tablets (catalyst) technology permits exposure of the lenses to a solution containing peroxide more than 2%, for more than 20 minutes. Even after the neutralization of the solution, tablet coating continues slowly absorbing water and releases moisturizing agents, increasing solution viscosity, to resemble natural tears. This method, according to the studies, is ten times faster in 90% of bacteria and fungi destruction than peroxide platinum disc systems. Ideal for sensitive eyes.
For more information refer to the enclosed instructions.

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