Nightlynx Collection Drivers Lens by Vuarnet

While Vuarnet lenses have been ensuring unparalleled protection from the harmful effects of sunlight for 60 years, the Company has designed its new Nightlynx lenses to amplify light when levels are low or completely absent.

This equipment is primarily intended for pilots but is also sure to please night owls and all the 00s lovers. 

Nightlynx lenses are unique as they combine the benefits of mineral glass - purity, clarity and incomparable optical precision, with exceptional visual acuity at night and in low light condition.

While filtering 100% of UV rays, Nightlynx lenses are protecting from harmful blue light. They also eliminate glare effects and noticeably improve contrast and distance perception. Sensation amplified by a bi-degraded silver mirror treatment and the multiplayer anti-reflective inside coating that attenuate other parasitic reflections.

This new Vuarnet lens is unique as it combines the benefits of mineral glass with exceptional visual acuity in low light condition. True lovers of road-trip and old-fashioned ride, he did not hesitate to test this new technology on the roads of his region, accompanied by his half, Sev Pieto.

These new mineral lens have developed for low light conditions. 

This lens have been place in five models

Egde Round 1613

The Dude 0003

Timeless Icon 0002

Square District 1618

Tom 1623

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