Allergic conjunctivitis can be relieved

What is allergic conjunctivitis?

Allergic conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva caused by the presence of certain substances (allergens), such as the pollen of some plants.

Why does it happen?

These substances are harmless for most people, but the immune system of allergic people identifies them as harmful and releases histamines as a defence mechanism.

In most cases, this process leads to rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis, which are treated by means of  antihistamines.

Acuaiss Eye Bath

It contains hyaluronic acid and simulates the characteristics of the tear perfectly, which means that it has no side effects and may be used as often as needed. It quickly removes allergens and cleans the affected area. It is very useful, particularly when the antihistamines begin to lose their effect, but when it is still too early to apply a new dose of the medicinal product.

Acuaiss Cleansing Wipes

Allergic processes sometimes affect tear quality and generate excessive secretion of rheum. In this case, the eyes should be cleaned with a suitable product in order to avoid scratches and injury.

Acuaiss Ultra Moisturizing Drops

It is a preservative- free artificial tear containing high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid which can provide relief in situations in which an eye bath is not practical: at the office, in the street, etc.

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