Digital eye strain can be relieved

What is digital eye strain?

It is a series of symptoms that occur as a result of persistent use of one or more digital screens over a long period of time.

These symptoms include itchiness, tired eyes and soreness.

What causes it?

Digital screens on electronic devices are often close to our eyes and emit a lot of light, some of which is blue light, which has a very short and very powerful wavelength.

Furthermore, when users spend a long time looking at these screens, their blinking frequency is lower and they do not blink completely. This prevents the tear from spreading evenly over the eye, which means the tear film is thin and unstable.

This is often aggravated by spending long spells in closed spaces (offices) where the air is very dry, which worsens the symptoms of dry eye.

Is there any way to relieve the symptoms of digital eye strain?

Yes the symptoms can be eased. This involves using specific products with hyaluronic acid that help provide a sense of relief and restore the balance of tear film.

Acuaiss Ultra Moisturizing Drops

These preservative-free drops are an artificial tear containing a biomolecule of very high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. They prove especially effective in dry environments. Acuaiss Ultra Moisturizing Drops spread easily across the surface of the eye and instantly replenish the tear.

The convenient multidose format with its OSD bottle system can be carried anywhere (even in trouser pockets), allowing it to be used throughout the day.

Acuaiss Eye Bath

Composed of a saline solution with hyaluronic acid. The eye bath provides instant relief and freshness for tired eyes that feel strained after long hours in front of digital screens. Eye baths are recommended at the start and end of the day as a complementary treatment, as well as artificial tears.

Acuaiss Roll-on

A refreshing gel containing hyaluronic avid and dexpanthenol that hydrates and repairs the skin on the eyelids. It is applied through a gentle massage around the eye to activate microcirculation thanks to the rolling metal ball. Ideal to relieve eyelid tension after long hours straining eyes in front of a computer or mobile phone. It also makes tense, dry and tired eyelids feel smooth and more elastic after being exposed to excessive heating or air conditioning.

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