Porsche Design: Sporty Elegance and Functionality


Porsche Design is an exclusive lifestyle brand and the leading premium brand for sporty elegance and function. The company was created by Professor Ferdinard Alexander Porsche is 1972. His mission was to establish a company that embraces the principles and the “Spirit of Porsche”, taking them beyond the limits of the automobile. All Porsche Design products are synonymous with precision, perfection, intelligent functions and sophisticated, functional design, and they all feature an impressive level of technological innovation.

Precisely these principles have also been applied in the design and build of the Porsche Design eyewear frames collection, which is also equipped with the latest technologies. All frames have been developed with the design DNA of Porsche Design, taking inspiration from such diverse sources as the 911 silhouette; the Spyder’s air intake; or an extraordinary material such as carbon fibre. High-tech lenses from Rodenstock complete the frames, making them true innovations in eyewear.

It is these principles and our mission that make the Porsche Design Eyewear Collection so unique and incomparable. These distinctively styled glasses are loved not only by fashionistas and Hollywood stars.

A Porsche Design frame is also the first choice of tech-savvy, modern, and luxury-oriented customers with a taste for design, who are described by the following attributes:

Contemporary and progressive

Comfort & luxury-oriented customers

Those who are interested in design and active lifestyles



Performance frames harness a special symbiosis of function and design. Their production is complex, and the result includes premium finishes, creates with special refining processes. The innovative designs of these frames might resemble the silhouette of a vehicle for example, or be built from motorsports materials.

The following series are available in this range:

Flowing Titanium

Carbon Fiber


Ball Tec

Integrated Performance



Porsche Design Eyewear’s Iconics are unique design icons, mostly in limited runs, with a clear and unmistakable design profile. They re-explore and redefine the limits of eyewear design.

They are ambitious, experimental and high-quality design classics such as the P’ 8478-a design which celebrates its 40th birthday in 2018. All frames are designed in collaboration with the renowned Studio F.A. Porsche in Zell am See and are synonymous with Porsche Design expertise.


The unmistakable silhouette of the 911 was the design inspiration for the Flowing Titanium series. These frames are particularly lightweight while also being stable, and their manufacture involves many production and embossing stages.

The front is 100% titanium. Titanium requires a sophisticated manufacturing process that makes it very valuable, and particularly resistant to corrosion and temperature extremes.

The integrated spring hinge and fully adaptable nose pads and temples result in an unparalleled level of comfort for the wearer.

The temples, perfectly formed in three dimensions, create a special interplay between light and shade.



Porsche Design Eyewear Iconics are unique, irreplaceable masterpieces, generally produced in limited runs. Designed in Germany, they reach beyond in limits of possibility. Ambitious, experimental and high-quality design classics such as the P’ 8478, which is celebrating its 40th birthday in 2018, speak a unique design language. All frames are designed in collaboration with the renowned Studio F.A. Porsche in Zell am See and are synonymous with Porsche Design expertise.

All frames are created in Studio F.A. Porsche- the innovation forge for Porsche Design products- in close collaboration with Rodenstock GmbH, the pioneers of vision since 1877.

The frames are forward-looking in form, function, and their use of premium materials such as titanium.

All pieces feature new and particularly innovative technical details, such as the lens replacement mechanism in the P’ 8478.


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