Maui Jim PolarizedPlus®2 Lens Technology

At Maui Jim there are six technologies that they put into the lens to make it different

The first and my personal favorite is bi radiant mirror they have jokingly call this “Botox prevention” it’s darker at the top and darker at the bottom so what it does is it box more glare from above and in front of you.

The second technology that they do at Maui Jim is their waterproof and oleo-phobic treatment that they applied to the front side of the lens as well as the back side and that makes water bead up and roll down the lens it also makes it easier to clean whether it’s sunscreen that you get on your glasses makeup or fish guts whatever gets on there it’s easier to clean off with their waterproof and oleophobic treatment.

The third thing that they do at Maui Jim is an anti reflective treatment on every single sunglass so what that does is it absorbs bounce back glare so that when you put on your sunglasses you’re not staring at the reflection of your eye. The anti reflective treatment on the back side do you see how light is reflecting off the front side of the lens to keep that from going into the back side of your eye we apply an anti reflective treatment that absorbs it on the back side so the front shines back all the light the back absorbs it one.

The forth feature that they do at Maui Jim is their clear shell scratch resistant treatment that they apply to all of their non glass lenses they apply it to the front side of the lens as well as the back side that makes it last a little bit longer for you and keep scratches from being as prominent.

The fifth feature is that everything that they make at Maui Jim is polarized and what polarize means is that there’s an extra filter in the lens that actually eliminates glare so a non polarized lens just darkens it now a jump PolarizedPlus®2 technology not only eliminates glare and enhances color but it gives you the most neutral view possible through the lens so this is a representation of not only how a polarized lens works but how their color enhancers work really hard to give you a beautiful world view of the world around you.

The last technology that they applied to their lenses is their color enhancing properties so Maui Jim they use three earth elements that are embedded into the lens and what they do is help enhance red green and blue light they work like magnets to pull that light to the cones of the eye and allow you to see your world and true natural color they make colors pop when you look through the lens.


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