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  • Metal, Classic
  • Aviator
  • Women
  • Brown
  • 61

Product description

EYEWEAR COLLECTION Versatile and innovative, the eyewear collection embodies the values of this iconic lifestyle brand, celebrating its heritage. In keeping with the spirit of sustainability, the beating heart of the Timberland culture, the range includes eco-conscious models made by using materials obtained from recycled resources with a reduced environmental impact. The sunglasses and optical frames feature an eye-catching, contemporary design, the result of the brand’s ongoing research not only into materials which include renewable bio-plastics, but also into colours. Sophisticated details and exclusive polarized lenses finish the look while boosting the performance of each model. Timberland eyewear is considered the perfect accessory for those who enjoy the outdoor life, tackling each day with a thirst for adventure and discovering nature while respecting it.

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