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  • Acetate
  • Mask, Sports
  • Men, Women
  • Black
  • Classic
  • 63

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Product description

PONZA sunglasses have the unique ability to be both sporty and elegant, making them wonderful additions to our popular Sport Nylon series, featuring PhD™2.0 lenses. They are constructed of Nylon TR90 combined with a touch of rubber on the temples, making them ultra-light weight and secure. The rubber inserts and adjustable nose piece keep the frame firmly in place so you can enjoy your activities worry-free. The sleek sport design of the frames and attention to detail provides comfort and ensures durability.

Our CPG (cool photo gray) lens is designed to perform in all weather conditions and is particularly well suited to handling the kind of harsh glare that can impede visibility. Its polarization properties offer your eyes further protection and comfort. Available in Polar PhD lenses.


21% Transmittance Lightened Lens

9% Transmittance Darkened Lens

83% Blue Light Blocked Lightened Lens

93% Blue Light Blocked Darkened Lens

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