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Product description

EYEKAN™ Pro contact lens cleaner lets you clean your contact lenses effectively with just double press! Enjoy comfort and a clearer view with ease! With just 2 presses, EYEKAN™ Pro removes 99.9% of the bacteria, debris, and proteins accumulate on your contact lenses, giving you a refreshing look and longer hours of comfort on each wear. No more spending time at the sink rinsing and rubbing dirt off your contacts.

Main Features
1. 3D turbine cleaning, deep cleaning, clean and healthy
2. Charge for 2 hours and escort for 30 days
3. Easy to operate, double-click the button to clean automatically, and intelligent stop after 3 minutes
4. High frequency and low vibration, no noise disturbance, no rotation
5. Effectively remove tear protein, improve oxygen permeability and make wearing more comfortable
6. Special storage cover to reduce lens damage

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