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  • Yearly disposables
  • Disposable Lens
  • Hydrogel
  • Filcon I
The shipment of the product is made exclusively with prepayment of the order. This item cannot be returned.

Product description

QUATTRO - SPH lenses are annual soft contact lenses for covering large degrees of myopia or hyperopia, with high manufacturing expertise. They are made of Hydrogel Filcon, 49% hydrophilic. They feature the very latest technology and experience of Mark Ennovy, for special constructions and contact lens applications in highly specialized cases of eye diseases. QUATTRO - SPH lenses provide perfect visual acuity without distortion and very comfortable lens feeling in a demanding use. QUATTRO - SPH contact lenses are made with specific requirements and provide the widest range of parameters application, covering up to 30 degrees in myopia or hyperopia, with two diameter options (for smaller or bigger eyes). They also provide the widest curvature range for specific applications, thus covering the most demanding cases in visual quality. QUATTRO lenses have special design for thin and evenly ends that contribute to a comfortable fit without discomfort.

A vial containing a lens

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