Instructions for ordering prescription eyewear online

By simply following the below steps you can easily order your prescription eyewear from Lenshop!

1. Step 1 select the frame you are interested in. By selecting the option “Add with lenses” you can add the lenses to your frame.

2. Step 2 asks you to select the type of lenses you require. For example if you have a problem with distance, near or both (these lenses are commonly referred to as multifocal or progressive lenses). Alternatively you may want to add new lenses without prescription.

3. Step 3 asks you to upload your prescription manually, otherwise you can “upload” a photo of it. Please make sure that you include your pupillary distance (PD). You can learn more here regarding this measurement.

4. Step 4 asks you to select the most appropriate coating based on your needs. For example, if you prefer your lenses to be as transparent as possible, whilst reducing fluorescent reflections from the front surface of the lenses (excellent in all conditions, particularly night driving). Alternatively you may spend multiple hours using digital devices and would prefer a coating that filters the harmful parts of the blue light spectrum, which in turn reduces eye strain and fatigue. You may want them to change colour and darken outdoors for comfort and protection from sunlight (photochromic lenses).

5. Step 5 requires you to choose your preferred lens manufacturer. We cooperate with all major optical companies.  

6. Step 6 allows you to refine your options from the company you have chosen. Options vary depending on the quality of the coating as well as the refractive index of the lenses. Diagrams will assist you as a guide to check approximately how thick the lenses will be (refractive index 1.6, 1.67, 1.74).

7. Step 7 is the final step in the journey of ordering your lenses! Here you can double check each part of your order and make any modifications if need be. Simply view your summary and press “Complete order”.

We understand that some users may find the online ordering process of lenses to be a challenge, however our team has simplified the process where possible so that the user understands and remains informed at each step.

If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact us

We remain at your disposal for all of your optical needs.

Happy shopping The Lenshop team.

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