VUARNET 1707/0006

VUARNET 1707/0006



  • For 8-13 years
  • TR90
  • Aviator
  • Kids
  • Blinkers
  • Orange
  • Fashion
  • 47

Product description

The 6-12 years model combines nylon and rubber to offer suppleness and comfort.
The category 3 tinted lenses guarantee optimal protection, while the removableand 
adjustable three-colour strap ensures perfect hold in all situations.
Withs its side shields, this glacier model will delight all young fans of slopesand 
outdoors, they are also removable for daily use in the city


Unisex dual-material model in nylon and rubber inside the arms and on the bridge,
Removable side shields
Adjustable and removable strap,
Integrated monobloc hinges,
Backside Anti - Reflective
Blue and bronze bi-shaded mirror
Category 3
UV Protection: 100%
Infra-red: 94%
Visible Light absorption: 91%
Harmful Blue Light: 93%

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