Tips to help you with Blepharitis


Blepharitis is a common condition where the eyelids become red swollen and crusty. Eyes feel irritated and itchy and can sting or burn. With blepharitis oily particles and bacteria coat the edge of the eyelid near the base of the eyelashes. 

Sometimes oil glands in the eyelid clog up and swell. This can cause a sty, a painful red bump near the edge of the eyelid. In some cases these conditions slowly damage the edge of the eyelid. It is not completely clear what causes blepharitis, however doctors know that it is often related to a number of conditions including bacterial eye infection, acne, rosacea and dry eye. 


Everyone has bacteria on the surface of their skin but in some people bacteria thrive in the skin at the base of the eyelashes. Large amounts of bacteria around the eyelashes can cause dandruff like scales and particles to form along the lashes and eyelid edges. Some other conditions that can lead to blepharitis include problems with the eyelids oil glands and the presence of microscopic organisms called mites at the root of the eyelashes. Often blepharitis is a chronic or ongoing condition however practicing good eyelid hygiene is an important way to keep blepharitis under control.

Follow these steps for cleaning your eyelids to control blepharitis:


- Apply warm compresses to your eyes for at least 5 minutes this should be done once or twice every day. To make a warm compress you can wet a clean washcloth with hot water wring it out and place it over your closed eyelids.
- As the washcloth cools re-wet it with warm water.
- Another option that holds warmth longer is to heat a bag of rice or a gel pack in the microwave. Whatever you do be sure not to make the compress so hot that you burn your skin.                                                                                                 - Warm compresses will loosen dandruff and crustiness around your eyelashes. It also helps break down oil from nearby oil glands.                                               - Eyelid cleaning should be done once or twice a day.                                           - Soak a clean washcloth, cotton ball or lint free pad in baby shampoo diluted with warm water.                                                                                                     - Gently rub the base of your eyelashes with the shampoo then rinse with warm water. 

The best product which is designed for lid cleaning is Acuaiss Cleansing Wipes by Disop.


Allergic processes sometimes affect tear quality and generate excessive secretion of rheum. In this case, the eyes should be cleaned with a suitable product in order to avoid scratches and injury.

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