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  • Monthly disposables
  • Purevision
  • Toric Lens
  • Silicone Hydrogel
  • 14.50mm
  • 8.90mm
  • Balafilcon A
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Product description

PureVision2 HD For Astigmatism silicone hydrogel contact lenses have a unique Auto Align Design that stabilizes the lens on the eye for less blur and haziness - even during physical activity. So you experience vision that's crisp, clear, and consistently stable.

Incredible Vision
  • Designed to reduce halos and glare so you can enjoy crisp, clear vision, even in low light
  • Breakthrough design made specifically for people with astigmatic eyes
Amazing Stability
  • Delivers uninterrupted vision at all times for majority of patients
  • Reduces blur and haziness that can be associated with sudden movements
A unique technology designed to deliver:
  • Remarkably thin lens design, rounded edge
  • Designed for a smooth transition between the lens and the surface of your eye
6 pieces package

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