SOFT 78 1p

SOFT 78 1p



Available in 7-10 days
  • Yearly disposables
  • Disposable Lens
  • Hydrogel
The shipment of the product is made exclusively with prepayment of the order. This item cannot be returned.

Product description

Soft contact lenses with 78% water content for newborns and infants who need large correction. Lenses for prolonged use. Their advantages are:
  • Great hydrophilicity
  • Lathehighly resistant lenses
  • Easy to use
  • Very well tolerated by infants who have problems of large ametropias or pathological conditions, such as congenital cataract
  • High visual acuity
Material: HEMA PVP
Water content: 78%
Curvature: 7.60mm, 7.80mm
Diameter: 13.00mm, 13.50mm
Power: +30.00 to -30.00mm (0.25dpt steps)

1 vial contains 1 piece

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