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Product description

The AOSEPT Plus System with Hydraglyde cleans, disinfects, neutralises, removes protein and stores all types of contact lenses including RGPs, soft contact lenses and silicone hydrogels. AOSEPT Plus with Hydraglyde is a preservative-free, aqueous solution that contains hydrogen peroxide and Hydraglyde wetting agent for greater comfort.

Long-lasting hydration
The aqueous Hydra Glyde® system is incorporated in the lens surface, which forms a drying prevention layer to 16 hours. This way, the lenses are quite moist and give user the comfort needed.

How AO SEPT Plus HydraGlyde® works
The active cleaning component of AO SEPT Plus HydraGlyde® provide up to 3% more hydrogen peroxide solution. The cleaning process has as a result not only the actual disinfection of the lenses, but at the same time the neutralization of sodium peroxide.

Disinfection phase
Hydrogen peroxide has the character of a dilute acid, thereby it effectively removes any residues from the lenses and undesirable microorganisms. Direct contact of peroxide with sensitive eye tissues could lead in burns, therefore do not be in a rush with disinfecting process and wait for neutralization of peroxide.

Neutralization phase
In order to neutralize the solution completely, the presence of a catalyst in the AO SEPT Plus HydraGlyde® Solution by AODISK system is required.

How to use AO SEPT Plus HydraGlyde® right
  • Contact lenses should be placed in their case, which must then be flooded with more solution than the indicated one on the filling line.
  • The lenses must be stored in a pouch with a solution for at least 6 hours to ensure complete neutralization of the solution.
  • The lenses can be stored in the solution for up to two weeks. After this time, the solution should be changed with a new one.

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