A cataract is a vision disorder that occurs when the crystalline lens loses its transparency. It causes partial or total clouding of the lens. It’s one of the leading causes of low vision across the globe. It generally occurs in people over 60, but it can also affect young children in the case of congenital cataract.

The crystalline lens is a small lens located behind the pupil. Like in a camera, it automatically zooms, adjusting focus on all distances. With presbyopia, it loses its elasticity. When a cataract develops, it becomes opaque. The result: light can no longer reach the retina. This condition gives the feeling of having a veil over the eyes. Vision is blurred, colors are dull and light sensitivity increases.

Surgery as a solution against cataract

Only surgery – removal of the lens and replacement with an intraocular implant – can cure a cataract. Before the operation, adapted optical equipment can relieve symptoms, and others may be recommended after surgery for near vision and / or protection against UV. This operation has become very common.

We offer a wide range of corrective and protective glasses recommended for people who have been operated on for cataracts.

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